Fine Dental Opportunities for You Now

Thoroughly and persistently brush your teeth morning and evening after meals. Three minutes must be – always in the same order, so no place is forgotten!

Use dental floss

Especially in the interdental spaces easily accumulate bacteria. Clean the hard-to-reach areas daily with floss or a tooth-space brush.

Proper plastering technique

So that brushing teeth really effectively protects, it depends mainly on the right brushing technique. The dental assistant explains the correct brushing method. Simple and effective is the so-called “red-white technique”, ie from the gums to the tooth. For more you can consult now.

It depends on the right toothbrush!

Short-head brushes also reach the posterior molars well

The brush should have three to four rows of bristles and lie well in the hand – this guarantees optimal guidance

  • Medium-hard, rounded plastic bristles prevent gum injury
  • Do not use natural bristles, bacteria will accumulate in them

Buy a new brush after two months at the latest. The old one removes 30% less plaque and is full of bacteria

Electric toothbrushes younger generation clean better than hand brushes. They are particularly suitable for children: the fast, automatic movements of the brush make cleaning easier. Cleaning time only two minutes!

Never without toothpaste

Toothpaste provides fresh breath and significantly increases the cleaning effect of the brush. Fluoridated toothpaste has been shown to reduce caries neoplasm. Toothpaste residues after cleaning only with a little water spit! This preserves the protective effect of the fluoride.

Fluoride must be with

Fluoride significantly improves tooth surface resistance to tooth decay. Important tips for proper fluoride supply:

  • The use of fluoridated iodine salt in cooking and baking prevents tooth decay and goiter
  • In addition, regularly provide infants with fluoride tablets
  • Also use fluoridated douches or gels for dental care at home

Chewing is fitness training for the teeth

“Chewy” foods as a snack (apples , carrots , nuts ) stimulate the salivation – saliva rinses and cures the teeth.A fiber-rich diet (eg fresh fruit, cereal products, raw vegetables) also has a positive effect on dental health.

The chewing gum afterwards

Those who are constantly on the move have little time to brush their teeth. Simply chew a sugar-free gum after eating – the stimulated saliva production protects against tooth decay & Co.

Sweet in moderation

Less sweet means less aggressive plaque bacteria. Beware of children’s products: In them often high sugar content “lurks”. A good alternative is sugar-free munchies.

At least twice a year to the dentist!

At the check-up / check-up the mouth is thoroughly checked. The dentist’s “treatment package” includes:

Early detection of caries and gum disease including treatment

Tartar removal

If you visit your dentist twice a year, you will have a good laugh, as you will often only get bored with a dentist. The entry of all preventive examinations in the bonus booklet (there’s free with the dentist) helps to save!


What is the definition of tasty chocolate to you?


Very often, many people face the problem of choosing truly natural tasty chocolate. Real chocolate should have a brown or mahogany color and shine. In addition, the tile of the best chocolate should be smooth, in the mouth quickly melt and create a delicate aroma. But today a large number of chocolate producers, among whom it is very difficult to determine real quality products and not all products that they produce, are made from natural ingredients.

Which chocolate is the best?

Naturally, the best is natural chocolate with unrefined cane sugar, which in the composition has natural cocoa mass, vanilla-bourbon and cocoa butter. Ingredients for making such delicious treats are specially grown on environmentally friendly plantations. For genetically modified components and vegetable fats, for biotech producers, this is a prohibition. Very often, the best bio chocolate product is produced under its own brand and has a worthy taste and aroma of cocoa beans. Natural chocolate is not only a popular treat but also the best remedy for fatigue and any sorrows. Hereditary chocolate keeps sacred secrets, regularly delighting their customers with sweet novelties. A couple of centuries ago only wealthy people could buy chocolate and the range did not shake the variety. Buying chocolate in the online store is profitable and convenient. Flexible Packaging

Delicious recipes

Preparing chocolate with your own hands is a very simple task. A simple set of ingredients, 5 minutes of free time and several hours in the freezer will allow you to create a tasty, natural and healthy dessert. You need to decide on the ingredients and your preferences. The composition of this product necessarily contains oil-cocoa and grated cocoa, which are not always available in stores. If you could not find them it does not matter. There are many ways to cook based on cocoa powder. Please note that for the preparation of dessert you need natural cocoa, which does not contain sugar. Varying its quantity, you can make chocolate more bitter and hard.Such a recipe will please children, allergies and all people who follow the diet. In it there are no preservatives, colorings and thickeners, with which all modern sweets are generously enriched.

Conclusion: Amazing facts about chocolate

Cocoa beans replaced money. Once in ancient times, representatives of the Maya civilization paid with a grain of cocoa beans. The smell of chocolate helps to relax, the aroma of chocolate has an obvious relaxing effect. Chocolate is a wonderful folk remedy for coughing. This is facilitated by the cocoa butter contained in it. Chocolate helps you to relax your mind. After a hard day when you buy a small piece of tasty chocolate, you feel the difference. Hog Tastic Lancashire